POST /v2/projects/{project_id}/nodes/{node_id}/reload

Reload a node instance


  • project_id: Project UUID
  • node_id: Node UUID

Response status codes

  • 204: Instance reloaded
  • 400: Invalid request
  • 404: Instance doesn’t exist


Name Mandatory Type Description
command_line ['null', 'string'] Command line use to start the node
compute_id string Compute identifier
console ['integer', 'null'] Console TCP port
console_host string Console host. Warning if the host is or :: (listen on all interfaces) you need to use the same address you use to connect to the controller.
console_type enum Possible values: vnc, telnet, http, null
first_port_name ['string', 'null'] Name of the first port
height integer Height of the node (Read only)
label object
name string Node name
node_directory ['null', 'string'] Working directory of the node. Read only
node_id string Node UUID
node_type enum Possible values: cloud, nat, ethernet_hub, ethernet_switch, frame_relay_switch, atm_switch, docker, dynamips, vpcs, virtualbox, vmware, iou, qemu
port_name_format string Formating for port name {0} will be replace by port number
port_segment_size integer Size of the port segment
ports array List of node ports READ only
project_id string Project UUID
properties object Properties specific to an emulator
status enum Possible values: stopped, started, suspended
symbol ['string', 'null'] Symbol of the node
width integer Width of the node (Read only)
x integer X position of the node
y integer Y position of the node
z integer Z position of the node

Sample session

curl -i -X POST 'http://localhost:3080/v2/projects/9308ed57-be12-456a-b03e-8cd5540ddd57/nodes/106ec4fa-bda5-4de7-9047-c8343699c9df/reload' -d '{}'

POST /v2/projects/9308ed57-be12-456a-b03e-8cd5540ddd57/nodes/106ec4fa-bda5-4de7-9047-c8343699c9df/reload HTTP/1.1

HTTP/1.1 201
Connection: close
Content-Length: 1080
Content-Type: application/json
Date: Tue, 21 Mar 2017 09:32:00 GMT
Server: Python/3.6 GNS3/2.0.0dev11
X-Route: /v2/projects/{project_id}/nodes/{node_id}/reload

    "command_line": null,
    "compute_id": "example.com",
    "console": null,
    "console_host": "<MagicMock name='mock.console_host' id='4444729808'>",
    "console_type": null,
    "first_port_name": null,
    "height": 59,
    "label": {
        "rotation": 0,
        "style": "font-size: 10;font-familly: Verdana",
        "text": "test",
        "x": null,
        "y": -40
    "name": "test",
    "node_directory": null,
    "node_id": "106ec4fa-bda5-4de7-9047-c8343699c9df",
    "node_type": "vpcs",
    "port_name_format": "Ethernet{0}",
    "port_segment_size": 0,
    "ports": [
            "adapter_number": 0,
            "data_link_types": {
                "Ethernet": "DLT_EN10MB"
            "link_type": "ethernet",
            "name": "Ethernet0",
            "port_number": 0,
            "short_name": "e0"
    "project_id": "9308ed57-be12-456a-b03e-8cd5540ddd57",
    "properties": {},
    "status": "stopped",
    "symbol": ":/symbols/computer.svg",
    "width": 65,
    "x": 0,
    "y": 0,
    "z": 0